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This series of courses is under development in association with The Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF), the oldest and leading professional and pastoral biblical counseling association.

CCEF serves Christ’s church with graduate level courses in its School of Biblical Counseling, its regular and intensive counseling services, its residential internship and training programs, its online distance educational training, the Journal of Biblical Counseling, and national and international training seminars and conferences. CCEF courses and resources are used in seminaries, Bible colleges, and other Christian college settings around the world. More can be learned about CCEF and its ministry at CCEF.org

With CCEF encouragement, TUMI, has undertaken the task of distilling several graduate level CCEF biblical counseling extension courses into an undergraduate level following the TUMI approach for urban church leaders.

The Counseling courses follow the structure of the Capstone courses. They include many of the same features noted in the Courses link and other features especially important to teach the principles and practice of biblical counseling.


Counseling courses in The Foundation and Practice of Counseling include:


Course #1 – “How Change Happens”

How Change Happens introduces church leaders to the model of how God brings about change in the believer.

Two versions of the model are presented: The Three Trees, and The Eight Questions. Both are derived from Dr. David Powlison’s course, The Dynamics of Biblical Change. He and others have taught this foundational course for more than 30 years at the CCEF facility, Westminster Theological Seminary and in other local and international locations.


Course #2 – “What Change Looks Like”

What Change Looks Like applies the model to eight common threatening settings that commonly yield fear, anger, worry, depression, and escapism. Students will be apply the model taught in How Change Happens to themselves in these and other situations. Students will learn to show the relevance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the believer’s day by day living, by applying it consciously to their lives in their own personal situations. Much of this course content is also drawn from the second half of the graduate level, Dynamics course taught by Dr. David Powlison.


Course #3 Coming soon – “Helping Change Happen”

How can I help others change? That’s the thrust of this course. What “methods” and what kind of people does God use and bless as his instruments of change? How can I take the model we’ve been learning in How Change Happens and What Change Looks Like and serve with it in the lives of the brothers and sisters in my church?