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What a privilege to work among these brothers and sisters!! It’s the most rewarding teaching I’ve ever done. There is work involved, to be sure. But the energy you give to preparing and teaching will be far outweighed by the blessing you receive and learning you gain in return. Our students love the Word and the Lord of the Word. They want to learn. You will never hear, “Do I have to know this for the test?” They are highly motivated and deeply appreciative. Consider joining our mentoring team, if the Lord has piqued your interest.

TUMI instructors are called “mentors.” Advanced degrees are not needed, but pastoral experience, a passion for and knowledge of the Word of God, and the desire to serve the urban church brothers and sisters with TUMI courses is what we look for.

TUMI provides mentors with a wide and full array of mentoring helps for every course. The challenge is often selecting among the wide range of resources that you are given for those most appropriate for your class. In addition, our more experienced mentors are always available for consultation and help.

If you are interested in mentoring in our regular city sites or in the prison system, contact Site Coordinator, Pastor Earl Wright. The process of becoming a mentor is not complicated:

  • Meet with Pastor Earl Wright to learn about TUMI and mentoring
  • Complete the Mentor application, including references
  • Become part of a TUMI class for a quarter. Watch how a class runs. Participate like one of the students to get the feel of assignments, the dynamics of discussions, and the spirit of ministry each mentor brings to the class
  • Assist one of our mentors with a course
  • Be available to lead and mentor a course

If you are interested in serving in the prison, there are a number of Department of Corrections forms and procedures that must be followed. Allow about three or four months for that process to run its course after all the paper work is complete. See Pastor Earl Wright for the necessary forms and information.