TUMI Chester


Please consider giving to sustain our work.

Financial Support

The TUMI-Chester ministry can serve among the disadvantaged urban churches because of church and individual supporters. The ministry, in general, and the mission staff, in particular, are carried by churches and individuals who give to the work prayerfully, professionally, and financially.
The New Testament testifies to the role of believers being prayer and financial partners in the Lord Jesus’ ministry, Paul’s ministry, and other itinerant mission workers’ ministries. We consider it a great privilege but also a serious responsibility to be entrusted with this work and the sacrificial gifts that churches and individual brothers and sisters give to us.

Financial Supporters Can Be Fellow-laborers With Us In Two Ways:
Financial Support for the General Fund Needs and Personnel Needs of the Ministry

  • The work within the prisons must be completely underwritten by gifts since no fees may be charged to inmates for their TUMI courses or books. This fund covers these needs.
  • Our Administrative Assistant supervises course registrations, mailings with course information to local churches, connections with pastors and prospective students, academic records, help with managing this web site, designing and ordering various ads for churches about courses, and much more. This TUMI-Chester general fund covers this part-time position.
  • Hosting pastors and possible mentors and students at breakfasts or luncheons, is an important avenue of communication. Often these venues give pastors and others the information and incentives they need to consider TUMI for their churches or for themselves. The TUMI-Chester general fund makes these contacts possible.
  • The TUMI-Chester General Fund does non support mission staff or mentors financially. Each mentor is either a volunteer or, as in Raj Lewis’ and Dr. Horne’s cases, has raised support from churches and individuals.
  • All ministry funds and records are overseen by the Urban Ministry Institute of Chester Inc.

TUMI-Chester Mailing Address:

       The Urban Ministry Institute of Chester
       1006 S. Saint Bernard St.
       Philadelphia, PA. 19143

Note: When sending donations to TUMI-Chester please make checks payable to The Urban Ministry Institute of Chester the missionary name you are supporting in the memo line.

Prayer Support

Please pray that God would enable us to minister to others with the heart of Christ. That the Lord would lead mentors to teach by His Spirit even as He leads students to learn by the same Spirit.

Pray that this would not be merely an educational exercise, but that in growing through knowledge we would also grow in our relationship with Christ. Pray also that the all involved (mentors, students, volunteers, staff, etc.) would not relate to each other as means to an end, or instruments to further a cause, but rather as individual members of the Body of Christ coming together for His Kingdom purposes. And as we do so, that we would recognize each other as brothers and sisters in Christ growing in our relationships with each other even as we grow in our relationship with our Lord. That we would have sweet fellowship (koinonia) rooted in the very love of Christ, and thus rise above the flesh-honoring goal of knowledge as an end in itself to the Christ-honoring goal of knowledge for the sake of greater love, unity, and peace with God and with each other through Christ.

Church Presentations of TUMI
Urban poor communities make up what has been called the largest “unreached” people group in the U.S. –and the world! Your church can have an active part in reaching these needy urban areas. Being informed, though, is critical. May we have the privilege of visiting your church to talk about this ministry and how your body of believers may serve in and be served by it? Our mentors can assist with Missions Conferences, Mission Emphasis Sundays, Sunday School class mission focus days, etc.

Please contact Pastor Earl F Wright at earlfwright@msn.com for more information.