TUMI Chester

Applications and Forms

After submitting the on-line registration for the course you wish to take, please complete the Student Application along with the Pastor Reference Form. You need to complete the Student Application only one-time–at the beginning of your TUMI program of study. A Course Registration, on the other hand, is required for each course you want to take (so we know how many books and other resources to provide for each course). These forms are on this page.

Please send your Student Application to the Site Coordinator before your course begins. You may complete your Course Registration on-line and click to send it to our Administrative Assistant. You may also print this out and send it by mail to her at the mailing address below. If that is not possible, please call the Site Coordinator to make other arrangements for him to get your Student Application or Registration form. Contact information is at the bottom of this page.

A Student Application and a Pastor’s Recommendation are required for all students who which to continue in the TUMI program.